Information Technology Consulting


ToalSystems brings information technology know-how and experience together to help clients solve complex business communication challenges.

Our expertise spans platforms including IBM and Lotus software and MS Exchange. And our experience can help you use such platforms to improve messaging environments and align IT capabilities with business goals.

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ToalSystems practices is focuses in the three pillars of today's companies main IT needs: Collaboration, Messaging/information flow and Social networking. 

Learn why the expertise of ToalSystems is the choice of so many leading companies in the world to design and create world class systems that help bring their employees and customers closer together.

For many "Social" and "Collaboration" are just words, contact us and see why say we are different and let us show you how we might help you move from "buzz" to "the real thing".


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We have it installed ... now what?

 Implementing technology is just the first step, the real goal is getting as many users to regularly participate is the goal. Then making sure your support meets the needs of the environment is the next. Is your IT staff up to date with best practices and how to keep your systems running efficiently? 

Let us help you with a custom tailored support and training plan to ensure that your people have the right level of knowledge to make your users happy

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