IBM Notes and Domino is one of the worlds leading Collaboration systems. Notes and domino is more than just simple email and calendaring - in it's latest iteration Lotus Notes & Domino 9.0 - Social Edition, IBM has truly worked hard on bringing the "social" to where the enterprise user finds themselves allot - in their in-box.

  • Domino - your corporate directory
  • Domino - Your application platform
  • Notes - your mail and calendar
  • Notes - your "Social Playground"
  • Notes - Where you start your online meetings and IM using Sametime and Sametime video


ToalSystems has been working for more than 20 years on helping customers get the most out of the most used product in their company - IBM Notes & Domino. 

Some of our Notes and Domino offerings:

  • Migrations and Upgrades
  • System administration and support
  • Training for users and IT support pros
  • MEA - Mail Environment Assessment
  • System Integration - make Domino play nice with other systems.
  • Security Reviews