Let us put the Social into your Collaboration . . . 

Social Networking

ToalSystems has many years of experience in IBM's flagship social software IBM Connections, going back to the early versions and first large scale deployments to IBM's customer base. Or maybe you are looking to up your game by implementing IBM Docs? Let ToalSystems help you build and integrate IBM Docs into your environment and turn your users' browsers into document processing machines.

If you are looking for team members that do more than set up a server and turn social networking loose on users then look no further than ToalSystems. 


Messaging in all it's forms is the first level of collaboration. Modern technologies have many capabilities that can be useful or distractions depending on their implementation. 

ToalSystems specializes in IBM's platform and has more than 20 years experience in IBM Notes and Domino. Integrating a world class messaging system into all aspects an environment, upgrading to the latest versions, reviewing current deployments to identifying opportunities for improvement. All these are projects where we might be able to bring our expertise to bear on your behalf.


A single email or instant message are already a form of collaboration in it's simplest form. But bringing that together with meetings, video, scheduling, outside and inside the firewall collaboration is a special focus of us.

ToalSystems has many years of experience designing, upgrading and improving existing  IBM Sametime installations. Learn how we might be able to help you. 

WebSphere - The Platform, The Underpinning of Today's Corporate Application Systems

We have many years of experience designing, supporting and troubleshooting IBM WebSphere, on of the world's leading application platforms. Apache, tomcat, Oracle, DB2, SQL . . . - they all tie into WebSphere and making them work together as a coherent environment is one of our strengths.

Integration - Bringing it all Together

Making things work  AND making individual pieces work together are the great goal of each IT project. Take a closer look at how ToalSystems "makes things come together". Integrating social media and collaboration systems with your existing environment is what we do best.