Maybe your company already has IBM Connections or is planning a new implementation. One of the main attractions of a social platform such as IBM Connections is the ability to share information and find hidden bits and pieces you might not have known exited. But once found, what do you do? Do you want to do more than just download it? Yes, there are viewers available to view the content of files shared with you but ... then what?

This is where IBM has recently introduced IBM Docs. It is a n online word processor that is integrated into IBM Connections and allows you to instantly not just look at files of all types, but also allows you to create new versions and edit/change/copy them directly in the same browser window as where you found them. No more downloading and hoping your local PC has a program that is compatible with the type of document so that you can work on the content.


Our Service Offerings


  • System Design and Architecture
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Migrations / Upgrades
  • Review of existing Environments
  • Environment Clean-up and Reviews
  • System Administration and Support 
  • Training for SysAdmins
  • End user acceptance

and more . . .  Ask us if you have any needs that you can't find in this list!