Social networking for the enterprise. There are many products - and most of them are good - one of the leading products in this field is IBM's flagship social software product IBM Connections.

Collaborate, socialize, integrate, share, get updated, update others, find knowledge, .... all of these things are the promises of social networking that companies want to bring into their environment.

No matter if you are a small 50 employee company or a large company with tens of thousands of employees - you and everyone else is looking for something to help create closer and better meshed teams and let your users benefit from the combined knowledge of the whole of your company. Nobody wants to have their people constantly reinvent the wheel over and over again when what they are looking for might already be out there.


Our Service Offerings


  • System Design and Architecture
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Migrations / Upgrades
  • Review of existing Environments
  • Environment Clean-up and Reviews
  • System Administration and Support 
  • Specialized training for Connections SysAdmins and support personnel
  • User adoption and engagement

and more . . .  Ask us if you have any needs that you can't find in this list!